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On site Paranormal Investigation

We provide on-site investigations in Iowa and beyond, free of charge.  We are a team of paranormal investigators whose primary goal is to document, and hopefully someday scientifically prove the existence of ghosts.  We also strive to educate the public, and help those who live with hauntings deal with their fears and experiences. 

Town Hall Meeting

Do you want to meet a Ghost Hunter? Do you want a Ghost Hunter to come to your town, and show you what evidence we have, what equipment we use? Then we can help you with our Town Hall Meetings. We come to you.

Paranormal University

Do you aspire to be a certified ghost hunter? 

At Paranormal University you will learn what it takes to be a ghost hunter. You will learn the what to do and what not to do. After paranormal university you will be able to take what you learned and bring it to any paranormal research or ghost hunting team out there. We are currently holding classes.


"What a professional team."   - Steven 2012


"what a wonderful team"


"What a great team of paranormal investigators"-Sarah  2013

"This team really cares about us. We have been able to call them anytime."


"What a paranormal group. Iowa City Ghost Hunters was really professional and gave me full reports and a copy of all evidence from the Investigation. This team keeps your information confidential" Dennis 2014 

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